Our Resources
CLDE champions initiatives that involve all students in civic inquiry and democracy engagement, with equity and inclusion our top priorities.

The CLDE Campus Profiles you’ll find here either already reach all students, or have been specially designed to help students from underserved communities succeed at higher levels.

We also feature "Macro" Initiatives – led by national organizations, accreditors, and state systems - that are working toward CLDE "at scale", meaning that all students will participate, benefit, and contribute.

If you are currently involved in a CLDE initiative that reaches or seeks to reach all students, or that has documented benefits for students from underserved communities, please send us a description of your work and its approach to equity and inclusion. We will add campus profiles to this site as our movement grows.

If you are just getting started, or want to expand your existing civic learning program, we hope you will find the CLDE By Design, Planning, and Perspectives we've provided here both inspiring and practical.